Lunch Break Q&A with P4 Collective

We were excited to launch our first virtual Lunch Break with P4 Collective on April 17th! We’re all being bombarded with webinars but there isn’t an outlet where the focus is on straight talk and having an insightful conversation vs. sitting through yet another presentation.

Our P4 Collective weekly Lunch Breaks provide a forum for business owners and service providers to come together and learn from each other. We’re all part of the business community and our ability to share experience, insight and best practices, benefit all. We’re all in this together!

There were two different conversations with business owners that resonated with me during our Lunch Break. The first was with the owner of a catering company. Demand for their services is way down and this is normally their peak season with weddings and graduations. He inquired if they should lower their prices to generate more future bookings. The counsel from multiple P4 members was to keep their prices as is but look for ways to add additional value. For example, offer a hassle-free, no cancelation charge if a booked event has to be postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The 2nd conversation was with the owner of a travel company. Now you would think they wouldn’t have great demand for their services at this time. In fact, sales are up as clients are taking advantage of great deals for booking future trips. For example, cruises, with 2021 or 2022 departure dates, are in very high demand at the moment. Morale of this story is don’t make assumptions about how busy or idle specific businesses or industries are at this time.

Anything is possible!

Please join P4 Collective for a Virtual Lunch, every Friday, from 12-1 pm PST

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