Our Approach.

Whether you're a small to medium-size business, at some point in your growth you need help. It may be in Operations, Finance, HR, Marketing or Sales or maybe even, all of the above. Or, you could be at a time in your business and personal life when you want to reap the reward of all of your hard work, but have questions about the best time to exit or even if your business is in a place that allows you to even achieve that goal. 

Our collective team has years of experience, including having been in the same situation you may be in right now as previous business owners, we understand that turning to an outside perspective to help you achieve your goals is not an easy step, but potentially the right one.  That's why we formed this consortium or as some have referred to us...a Strike or SWAT Team.

We provide Operations, Finance, HR, Marketing and Sales on an interim or fractional basis to help identify opportunities and implement solutions to increase cash flows, change the drivers to long-term growth, and reduce risk, and to help you create and enhance your valuation story if you're ready for sale or exit.

Our approach is a simple, yet an in-depth process to help you determine the next and right steps to take.

Step 1: Assessment

Where does your business stand today?

Identify the gap between current versus the desired state

Step 3: Implementation

How will we get there?

Execute on milestones and deliverables

Step 2: Strategy

What's it going to take to get there?

Create a road map to achieve the planned goals

Step 4: Measure

How well did we do and what’s working?

Define the necessary KPI’s, measure, monitor, improve, and repeat

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